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About Koushan

Who we are.

Welcome to Koushan - the culmination of Saudi Arabia's premier architectural firm, Zuhair Fayez Partnership, and Midwam's unrivalled expertise in creating captivating visitor experiences.
Our team of forward-thinking architects, designers, and experience creators are dedicated to bringing your visions to life with our innovative approach to architectural design. With Koushan, you can expect nothing but the best in cutting-edge design, seamlessly integrated technology, and uniquely curated experiences.
With 50 years of experience under our belts, we specialize in being an investment house, destination developer, and property manager for private and institutional investors seeking a premium experience.
Unlike other real estate projects that focuses on scalability, we focus on uniqueness. We work closely with partners and service providers from design to operation to ensure families have an unforgettable experience, which ultimately creates exceptional value for both investors and tenants.
At Koushan, we're not just about building properties. We're passionate about positively impacting the communities we serve, creating vibrant destinations that enhance people's lives and wellbeing. That's why we're thrilled to announce our latest venture: Re-imaging Murjan Island. This ambitious initiative aims to transform one of Saudi Arabia's most beautiful and distinctive islands into an even more remarkable destination, offering delights for tourists and residents alike.
Our portfolio includes prestigious developments such as the renowned American School in Jeddah, the luxurious WA Resort in Jeddah, and the serene Mayadeen in Madinah.
Discover our one-of-a-kind approach to real estate development today!

Mission & Principles

At Koushan, we leverage our 50 years of industry experience to deliver exceptional results to our clients.

Our core mission is to create top-tier destinations, profitable investments, and innovative experiences. We achieve this by drawing upon the latest global best practices in real estate, investment, and entertainment.

Trust us to provide efficient management and comprehensive solutions that will set your project apart.


At Koushan, our management team boasts a wealth of skill and knowledge across a range of fields, making them experts in real estate management. With over half a century of combined experience, our team has managed a diverse array of projects - from those in the core real estate market, to value-add and development initiatives. You can trust in our accredited management to guide any real estate venture to success.

What We Do

KOUSHAN is committed to creating long-lasting value for all stakeholders, including investors, tenants, employees, and local communities.
We invest our financial resources and human capital into innovative solutions that create the most significant added value on social and environmental assessments.
Count on us to identify and realize the best property investment opportunities that deliver exceptional results for everyone involved.

With our extensive experience and knowledge in investment scouting, investment management, development management, and property management, we can offer the best possible returns for our investors.

Investment Scouting

Our investment scouting process involves conducting extensive research to identify investment opportunities in different industries. We scout for investments with the potential for high returns and work hard to ensure their success. Our investment scouting process includes:
• Scouting investment opportunities
• Financial and technical due diligence
• Preliminary concept design

Investment Management

Our investment management team handles everything from the project brief to the establishment of investment vehicles and the entitlement process. Our expertise in managing investments ensures that our investors receive maximum returns. Our investment management process includes:
• Project brief
• Preliminary and concept design
• High-level feasibility study
• Seeking investors establishment investment vehicles
• Entitlement process

Development Management

Our development management team specializes in developing investment opportunities across different industries. Our expertise in developing properties ensures that we maximize the value of our investments. Our development management process includes:
• Highest and best use
• Mix use of tenants
• Detailed feasibility study
• Detailed development design
• Project Supervision and Construction management
• Testing and commissioning

Property Management

Our property management team ensures that our properties are well maintained and that our investors receive a consistent stream of income through rent or sale. Our property management process includes:
• Project operation and portfolio management
• Property and facility management
• Sale / leases

We at Koushan are passionate about our work and are dedicated to delivering the best possible returns for our investors. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you maximize your investments.

MURJAN Project


Years of successful

Innovation and Visitors Experience

New trends on the property market are concentrating more and more attention on visitors experience, quality design, environmental sustainability and the services offered, which necessarily require the rethinking of spaces, construction materials and techniques, and the introduction of new technologies.
Throughout the entire supply chain, the main Investment, Asset, Development and Property Management divisions work in coordination with other functions, including Sustainability & Product Innovation and Procurement, to introduce innovation to support better environmental performances or the achievement of tenants' needs.
KOUSHAN is structured to develop and guide innovation for unique destination utilizing emerging technologies for ultimate visitor's experience. Working constantly in close partnership with our partners, KOUSHAN has created a new market. Koushan is extremely well placed to identify, develop and manage quality real estate, which it develops destination resorts, productive offices, quality school, attractive islands.

Advanced Technologies

KOUSHAN is focusing its attention on the adoption of advanced technology, visitors experience, and process innovations not only to create an attractive destination, but also for efficient management.


The need to urgently address the climate emergency, promote equal opportunities and contribute to a more equitable society require tangible actions which KOUSHAN is implementing. Our goal is to become an impact organization and create long-term value for stakeholders. This positive impact must accompany the reduction of risks associated with our business.


with their valuable skills and knowledge, are a precious capital asset, managed and developed to ensure that its human resources always represent a competitive factor for the company and the entire KOUSHAN platform.

Work With Us

At KOUSHAN we are looking for talented professionals to work with us. We look for people who:
- demonstrate professionalism, commitment, enthusiasm.
- are creative and eager to learn,
- are lovers of teamwork, and
- willing to create for our customers amazing real estate destination, while serving our investors to prosper.
Send your cv on careers@koushan.sa

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